Looking for ideas on what to use for that new sidewalk or fire pit? Pavers and patio bricks are a versatile option for a wide range of landscaping applications. In this post, we are going to look at some of the more popular ways to use pavers.

Paths and Sidewalks

Paths and sidewalks are some of the most popular uses for patio bricks. It’s a much more durable alternative to using poured concrete and you have a lot of options for how the path can be designed. You can have a continuous sidewalk-style design or you could lay a stepping stone path. Pavers can be good for making pathways to different areas in a backyard and can also work well for laying a path from the driveway to the front door.

Fire pits

Plenty of homeowners enjoy having a fire pit in the backyard, and pavers can be the perfect material for making a custom fire pit. Once again, the durability makes them especially well suited to this type of construction, and they are made to resist high temperatures. With pavers, you will have a lot of design options. You could build a standalone pit in an area of the yard or you could build a pit with a surround and a sitting area that is made from the pavers.


Patios are one of the obvious uses for pavers. You won’t have the same problems with cracks that you may find with a concrete patio, and by using patio bricks that come in different colors or shapes, you have an almost endless number of design options. Along with building a patio with pavers, you could also use them to build more functional outdoor living spaces. You can use them to build an outdoor kitchen, an outdoor dining area and they can also be good for building a sitting area in your backyard garden.

Swimming Pool Area

Pavers can also be great for around a swimming pool. This is another area where the durability and versatility of patio bricks can work well. You don’t have the same issues that you may have with cracking that would come with a concrete surround and if there ever is a problem, replacing a single paver is much easier than repairing a concrete pool surround. Pavers look great, and with the right design, they can add some real style to your pool area.

Raised Garden

You can also stack pavers to make a raised garden. This can be good for flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, and it actually provides a good environment for your plants. With the right design, a raised garden can help to prevent weeds and you can also build in drainage.

These are just five of the potential ways that pavers could be used in landscaping on your property. If you are creative or have a mind for design, you could think of all sorts of ways that pavers could be used to improve your outdoor space.