Natural Stones for Your Outdoor Escape

Custom Retaining Walls and Landscaping, Inc. carries a wide variety of natural stone products that bring natural beauty and function to your landscape. Natural stone can be used for walls, steps, patios, walkways, ponds, and outcropping accent boulders.

You will receive the highest-quality of work

Chilton Wallstone

Kasota Wallstone

Fondulac Wallstone

Fondulac Buff Wallstone

Chilton Steppers

Fondulac Steppers

New York Bluestone Steppers

Colorado Red Steppers

Fondulac Flagstone

Chilton Flagstone

Cut New York Bluestone

New York Bluestone Flagstone

Fieldstone Boulders

Superior Boulders

Limestone Boulders

Mexican Beach Pebbles

Naturalstone Bartops

Bubbling Boulders

Natural Stone Steps

Buckskin Steppers

Canyon Cobbles

Chilton Edgers

Fieldstone Boulders

Gas Fire Rock

Idaho Quartz Steppers

Kasota Fire Pit

Kasota Granite Natural Stone Steps

Kasota Stone Seat Wall

Virginia Slate

Indian Sunset Boulders