If you’re into saving money (and who isn’t), you need to make sure you stop at our “Clearance Section”. You’ll find great deals on retaining wall block and pavers plus items that we are closing out or are out of season. Products change all the time so be sure to check it out each time you stop in!

Note: We have many seconds Pavers available!

Holland ECO Pavers

$200 per pallet

Classic 6” Retaining Wall Seconds

$5.00 each

Silver Creek Seconds Steps

$80.00 each

Lakeland 2nds 8”x4”x 12”

$3.00 each

Bullet Edger 2nds

$0.50 each

Silver Creek 12×12 Slabs

$2.00 each

Kasota Cube 2nds – 18”x18”x18”

$175.00 each

Colorado Red Steppers

$350 per ton or $0.18 per pound

Tumbled New York Bluestone

$350 per ton or $0.18 per pound

Large 4 tired Monaco Fountain w/ Fiore Pond

H 112″ W 99.5″ Last one! Priced to sell! $6,100 value.