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Custom Retaining Walls and Landscaping, Inc. is your authorized distributor of Rochester Concrete Products (also known as Rockwood Retaining Walls). Retaining walls from Rockwood are durable, environmentally friendly, easy-to-install, and attractive.

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Classic 6

The lower profile of Classic® 6 provides a longer, smoother appearance while maintaining all the special features of the Rockwood® Classic family of products. Classic 6 is as flexible as it is versatile. Capable of sharp radius turns, variable setbacks, and endless design possibilities, Classic® 6 is the perfect block for any retaining wall project.

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Classic 8

Classic® 8 is the high performance block preferred by architects, builders, developers, and engineers worldwide. It is known for its ease of installation, strength, and versatility. Whether the wall is supporting a retail development or backyard sanctuary, Classic 8 is the best solution for any type of retaining wall application.

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Classic Colonial 6 or 8

Its Rustic™ appearance gives Classic Colonial® 6 a warm, natural look which only comes with age. Processed to appear weathered, a Classic Colonial 6 wall adds desired curb appeal to any property with its timeless beauty and simplicity. As flexible as it is versatile, Classic Colonial 6 is capable of sharp radius turns, variable setbacks, and endless design possibilities – it’s the perfect one-block system for all retaining walls.

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Cottage Stone

Combining functionality, performance and aesthetic appeal, Cottage Stone® is perfect for terraced gardens, tree rings, or low retaining walls. The unique, patented design makes it easy to create curves and shapes and it saves time by eliminating the need to clean courses. Plus, Cottage Stone’s unique design allows you to build “vegetated walls”, offering homeowners even more design flexibility.

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Stone Hedge 6

Capable, durable, and attractive, Rockwood’s StoneHedge® 6 is the ideal product for any freestanding wall. StoneHedge 6 can be used to construct unique applications such as privacy walls, seat walls, partition walls and more! StoneHedge’s unique design integrates with Rockwood’s Classic® retaining wall blocks to create the most versatile product line in the industry.

The Lakeland Wall

Lakeland has the sophisticated look of an old brick wall so popular with homeowners today. This tumbled three piece system offers designers the freedom and ability to combine functionality with style. Lakeland blocks can be used to build random pattern garden walls, seat walls, columns, stairs, planters, and more.


With our multi-piece Riverland™ system you can create an seat wall with an 8 foot radius, with no cutting! It can be integrated with Lakeland™ block for more diversified functionality and designs. Riverland’s earthy colors and desirable aged appearance can enhance the architectural style of any home, no matter how simple or grand.

Classic Edge

The Classic Edge not only creates an attractive edging for flower beds, walkways, gardens, shrubs and trees, but also installs easily. The ball/socket configuration and the T-Lock base design anchors the Classic Edge in place – with no mortar. Classic Edge is the perfect edging for your landscape project.

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Combining the look and feel of naturally weathered stone with the dimensional consistency of concrete, Belvedere™ creates aesthetic possibilities never before available in an engineered wall system. The system provides an ideal solution for garden walls, columns, free-standing walls, water-features, smaller retaining walls, and more.


Outcropping™ appeals to those who want a landscape beyond the ordinary. Outcropping’s large sizes will enhance any property with the enduring look of stone.

Vintage 6

Vintage 6 is Rockwood’s new, three-piece, freestanding/retaining wall system that performs as good as it looks. Vintage 6 is a one-pallet, three-piece tumbled wall system that builds very fast, is priced to beat all other tumbled and embossed walls products, and builds straight or radius garden walls and seat walls without cutting. Vintage 6’s anchor bars create strong block-to-block and block-to-grid connections and integrates with all other Vintage blocks.

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