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Retaining Wall Demo

  • Layout of wall and planning.
  • Proper sight excavation and prep.
  • Base compaction and prep
  • Block leveling and installation.
  • Installing a corner with steps and without.
  • Installing a radius wall.
  • Geo grid.
  • Installing wall coping and step downs.
  • Small walls installation and questions.

Small Water Feature

  • Layout and site prep.
  • Excavation of pond/water feature.
  • Measuring and installing underlayment and liner.
  • Boulder placement and shelf installation
  • Installation of pond skimmer/vault and aquafalls.
  • Bubbling boulder install.
  • Water fill valve and UV clarifier.
  • Pond care and maintenance.

Patio Demo

  • Layout and site prep.
  • Excavation and sub-grade prep.
  • Installation of base material and compaction.
  • Leveling base and establishing grade.
  • Sand screeding.
  • Paver installing.
  • Paver compaction and joint sand install.
  • Paver restraint and grading next to paver

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